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Can two ATS control the exchange between two generator sets and mains power?


25 2022

With the development of society, people's life today is more and more inseparable from electricity, especially now the requirements for high reliability and safety of power supply are also higher and higher. In order to ensure people's life and ensure that people's lives and property are not affected and infringed by power grid outage, internal combustion engine generator set, as standby and emergency power supply, is more and more widely used in different fields, However, the generator set is only a power supply that generates electric energy. It can not directly switch between safe, fast and reliable power supply and power supply with the power grid

ATS is a dual power switching device, which itself does not have the ability to start the generator. Generally, the principle of ATS is two-way input (one main and one standby). When the main power supply loses power and the standby power supply has power, it will automatically switch to the standby power supply. If you want to realize the function you want, you need to add a PLC to connect the voltage input signal of the mains power to the PLC. When there is no voltage, the PLC starts the generator, and ATS should be able to delay switching. Of course, if your ATS is programmable with input and output, you can use ATS programming directly.

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